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Our Products

Below is a list of our inventory. Click on an underlined tree's name to see more detailed information and images concerning that species. Many thanks to Dr. Susan J. Aldworth at the University of Iowa for much of the information contained herein.





Shade & Ornamental Trees:

These trees are sold in 2" diameter with height varying according to species. Planted price is $250 - $275.00 depending on species and location. Other sizes and varieties available.


  • Hybrid Green: Patmore Ash

  • Hybrid Green: Summit Ash

  • Hybrid White: Autumn Purple Ash

  • River Birch

  • Whitespire Birch

  • Red Sunset Maple

  • Autumn Blaze Maple

  • Autumn Flame Maple

  • Green Mountain Maple

  • Legacy Maple

  • Bonfire Sugar Maple

  • Pin Oak

  • Swamp White Oak

  • Red Oak

  • Burr Oak

  • Prairiefire Crabapple

  • Profusion Crabapple

  • Robinson Crabapple

  • Sargent Crabapple

  • Springsnow Crabapple

  • Thornless Cockspurr Hawthorn

  • Winterking Hawthorn

  • Washington Hawthorn

  • Aristocrat Pear

  • Cleveland Select Pear

  • Redspire Pear

  • Newport Purple Leaf Plum

  • Cistena Purple Leaf Plum

  • Eastern Red Bud


Seedlings and Whips:


Seedlings planted per 1/2 acre; call for pricing and availability. 4' - 5 ' Oaks, Walnuts, Maples, Birches, and others are available; call for pricing.

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